Health, Safety and Environment

Industry Certification

• Alberta, B.C, and Saskatchewan WCB

• ABSA and TSASK certified for B31.3, B31.1 (including boiler external piping)

• CWB certified for W47.1

• Approved Welding procedures including Stainless Steel

• C.O.R certified through A.C.S.A

Quality Control Services

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The safety and protection of our employees, clients, property, the environment and the public is paramount in our daily operations. In addition to abiding by the regulations of the operating company and all provincial and federal legislation, League North has a comprehensive internal Safety Program guided by the principles of responsibility, recognition, encouragement and ongoing improvement.

Our company holds a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program, and is part of the ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, Avetta(PICS), and CanQual programs.


When acting as principal contractor, we are responsible for the coordination and general supervision of all activities in the work area, including activities carried out by subcontractors and suppliers. While all parties have a responsibility to promote worker safety, we recognize that our leadership role empowers us to influence and ensure worker safety for everyone concerned.

Recognition and Encouragement

Our process of selecting contractors, subcontractors and suppliers recognizes and supports good safety performance.


We actively encourage the development and adoption of methods and practices that maintain and improve our company’s safety performance.


League Projects Ltd is committed to the preservation of the environment. Environmental sustainability is intrinsic to our business including field operations and client relations alike.

League Projects Ltd engages internal employees, sub-contractors as well as valued clients in pipeline, facility and general oil and gas contracting operations. Our staff, field crews and HSE professionals are involved in operations where the environment is modified based on the scope of work being carried out. We commit to ensuring plans are clearly documented and communicated to all personnel affecting our delicate ecosystem. It is expected that our culture of environmental respect and preservation is adopted by all parties involved on our work sites. All pertinent local, municipal and federal laws and regulations will be followed at all times. League Projects Ltd will not place the environment at risk at any time in efforts to save time, gain monetarily or  benefit in any manner. League Projects Ltd ownership and management team is responsible to enforce and uphold the environmental policy at all times without exception.